• Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar, Bataan, Philippines

Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar - Heritage Tour

Each of the casas in the resort has its own story to tell. With the Heritage Day Tour, you can stroll along the bricked pavements while listening to the experienced tour guides narrate about what makes each casa unique. You can also avail the Heritage Day Tour even if you’re not staying overnight.

Heritage Tour Schedule


To better enjoy the day tour, keep in mind a few friendly reminders:

1. Wear comfortable shoes or flip flops
2. Bring water to keep yourself hydrated and energized
3. Wear a cap or a hat or bring your umbrella to avoid the summer heat
4. Protect your skin by putting on some sunblock
5. Wear comfortable and airy clothes
6. Have a great time and smile!

Useful tips and information

One of the major activity Las Casas Filipinas is known for is the Heritage Walk! Tour the property and revel at a by-gone era. Walk amongst houses that only exist in memory but come alive in Las Casas. A word of caution, if you’re joining the Heritage Walk, we recommend you wear comfortable slippers or sandals that you can easily remove and put on because just like in olden times, footwear are left at the door.

For water fun, we have La Playa beach right across Reception Lobby and Batis, our own version of a swimming pool next to Casa Cagayan.

In Paseo de Escolta you can find a number of shops. From A photo studio to souvenir shops, even a bread shop, you will be able to take a bit of Las Casas Filipinas home with you.

In Photographia dela Escolta you can choose your complete colonial regalia and be immortalized in sepia or coloured photo!

Our Panaderia sells the best baked goods. Try our own monggo ensaymada, or Spanish bread, you may just lose your willpower to diet.

Along the same Paseo de Escolta are souvenir shops. Drop by La Tiendecitias where you can buy your hats, t-shirsts and other mementos; take your pick of personal hygiene products from Tess the Farmer; and for the unexpected treasure you need in your collection make sure to visit Antiquedades.

For relaxation, we have our very own balsa tour that will take you on a cruise around the property. Look at the houses from a panoramic distance while leisurely gliding along the Umangol River. Feel the warmth as it magically transforms into your own Venice upon entering “estero”. Surrounded by brick walls, and verandas, and balconies, while passing through arched bridges, it becomes a most romantic and intimate experience.

Wanting more relaxation? Head-on to Napia Spa in front of Casa Luna. Here you can experience various treatments that will sooth not only your tired heels but rejuvenate your spirit.

Welcome to Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar!